There are many things to remember and many tasks to complete when moving home. This checklist is designed to help you remember and organise many of those important items, as well as connect you to relevant authorities for additional information, support and, in some cases, the opportunity to make arrangements online.

One month before the move

  • This is the time to do the longer term planning. An organised plan for moving, set in motion at this time, can assist in a smooth move.

  • Bank-transfer accounts to a local branch

  • Cancel or redirect newspaper & other subscriptions

  • Make contact with your old and new local councils. Use the Local Council Locator to view their websites.

  • Check your insurance - transit, home & contents transfer

  • Arrange for a postal redirection and cancel any Post Office Box accounts.Australia Post provides a Change of Address service to assist with this.

  • Book a removalist 

Two weeks before the move

  • Now it is time to start some of the processes for connecting and disconnecting services, to ensure that you have services ready for your new home, and that you do not pay for services you do not use

  • Organise for the disconnection of electricity, gas; water services to your old home and organise for the connection of services to your new home

  • If you are moving into or out of a high rise, reserve an elevator with the body corporate; confirm the booking with your removalists or truck rental

  • Arrange for new registration tags for your pets through your new council.

One week before the move

  • Cancel any deliveries to your old home

  • Arrange for a cleaner for the move-out day in your current home your for your new home

  • Arrange for the collection of keys to your new home

  • Notify the police and neighbours if the old house is to be vacant for a long time


One day before the move

  • These are the things that you can only do just before the move, but are essential to a smooth moving day:

  • Empty & defrost fridge; dispose of food

  • Finish packing, ensure valuables are with you and in a safe place

  • Leave forwarding details for your landlord/new tenant

  • Confirm settlement details with solicitor Collect keys for new home 

Moving day

  • You are likely to be busy on the day of the move. Don't forget the following:

  • If possible, be present to instruct removalists

  • Turn off lights, appliances and hot water system

  • Lock home securely

  • Return keys to agent/landlord 

Your new home

  • Now that the move is complete, check that all services are connected.

  • Confirm delivery details and contact numbers

  • Check for damage or missing items in the home you've moved in to

  • Be present when unloading & placement of furniture is happening

  • Ensure hot water & power are on

  • Order newspaper delivery

  • Check security. Arrange to have all locks changed if concerned

  • Ensure your pets will be safe while settling in

  • Update your address for Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) car registration, driver's licence and electoral commission information